Demo 2014

by Imbibed By The Quasar

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All Donations got to the funding of printing of the Space Dino vs. Metal Dino T-shirts. Thank you for your support!
The 2014 Imbibed by the quasar demo is a taste of the full length we plan to relase in 2015.


released August 2, 2014

Jeff Clifford - rhythm guitar
Mike "Baby Mank" Tallman - lead guitar
Greg Chastain - drums
John Castberg - bass
Mitch "Mixell" Burk - synth
Andrew "kosivo" Courtright - Vox

All music written by Jeff Clifford.
Mix and Master by Josh Paniagua and the Imbibed family.



all rights reserved


Imbibed By The Quasar Sacramento, California

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Track Name: Space Dino vs. Metal Dino
Dwelling deep within the cosmos
an extra-terrestrial archaic dinosaur
terrorizing, annihilating, exterminating each and every form of life
imbibing unfathomable amounts of prehistoric galaxies
accumulating cosmic parcels in-crescent in form through waves of light
impartial while its drifting through the universe projecting its blight
insistent on being the controller of all life.
shining from far above it comes
creating the void.
as the martensite alloyed ruler gazes
into its encompassment
its shape becomes enormous
sentient with its environment
its metallic metamorphosis emphasized its resilience
to the submission.
this confluent, cantankerous
in-congruent, divergent
apostatized totality rejecting fate
collides with this anamorphic unstoppable force
engendering impetuous energy
creating a resonance that is our existence
rendering our presence through their synergy.
Track Name: 500 Yards of Shredded Intestine
disgruntled disdainful hunter
granted by the gods for societies asunder,
desolating ties with the past incumbents,
recreating life as we currently know it.
Impious beings pretentious and greedy
from the present to the ancient oligarchies.
Czars, emperors, sultans and chiefs,
pharaohs and kings disemboweled at his feet.

Attempting to reinstate chaos to this order.
Murdering those who rule over others
Desolating empires to set free all people introducing anarchy into this structured world. Erasing oppressive leaders glory to have nature once again reforming to its brutal origin of survival.

59 deceased things still are not complete, gods have not been pleased through these sufferings.
Peace has not been achieved. deliverance must be reached, sacrificial.
500 yards of intestinal track is the length of the path that is predestined.

The uprise comprised
of the intermittent
subordinates. Direction is what
makes them sustain.

Over thrown by savages that he had created. Ensued by the gods they eviscerate him. Completing the intestinal trail that leads nowhere.

Roaming without intentions, red in both tooth and claw. Humanoids without pretension humbled and stripped of possessions are lost and the gods are finally at peace.